Feb 14 2009

Penang Vacation

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penang vacation

Would you prefer a 10 year Penang vacation or 10 different Penang holidays? If you prefer to stay for 1 stay for 10 years or longer in Penang, then apply for the Malaysia my 2nd Home visa.


These days the Penang Government discusses with local tourism-related industries and agencies new tourism packages like:

  • food promotions
  • cultural events and
  • most important for us retirees who want to buy property in Malaysia : more Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H) and homestay programmes.


Map of Penang


georgetown penang map

Click to open a much bigger Georgetown Penang map


penang map


The Penang map shows you can easily access Penang by air as well as by land over the famous Penang Bridge: famous for its traffic jams that is.


penang bridge


Penang is a very busy island with lots of Chinese influences: if you want to live on a buzzing island with lots of Chinese food and culture, then Penang should be where you buy your MM2H property to experience an eternal Penang vacation.

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