Mar 16 2009

Malaysian Tourist Visa

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malaysian tourist visa

What makes the Malaysian Tourist Visa : Malaysia my 2nd Home more attractive than the alternatives in nearby countries?


Malaysia is winning retirees over from going to Australia, because the cost of living in Malaysia is much cheaper than in Australia.


The attractive Malaysian MM2H Programme includes:


  • a 10 year renewable multiple entry visa
  • tax exemption on pensions
  • permission to bring in domestic staff
  • permission to buy property
  • possibility to wave the enormous taxes for buying your first car


Thailand attracts wealthy foreigners to retire in Thailand selling their "elite card" a US$30.000 (RM97.800) one time fee to receive lifetime priority for immigration matters, golf memberships, health checks and spa treatments.


The Philippines also is said to be reducing the price of their retirement visa fees.


Some shopping around needs to be done in the various countries before deciding where you want to retire. Also know that the laws and regulations of the MM2H Malaysian tourist visa change as much as a sick man needs to blow his nose…


When I applied for my MM2H Malaysian tourist visa a few months ago, I needed to go through an official agency and fork out 10 times the price of the actual stamp fee of the visa (about 500RM for the fee…).


Now I just read that you can apply for the MM2H Malaysian tourist visa yourself, bypassing any money making middleman!

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