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Feb 14 2009

Penang Vacation

penang vacation

Would you prefer a 10 year Penang vacation or 10 different Penang holidays? If you prefer to stay for 1 stay for 10 years or longer in Penang, then apply for the Malaysia my 2nd Home visa.


These days the Penang Government discusses with local tourism-related industries and agencies new tourism packages like:

  • food promotions
  • cultural events and
  • most important for us retirees who want to buy property in Malaysia : more Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H) and homestay programmes.


Map of Penang


georgetown penang map

Click to open a much bigger Georgetown Penang map


penang map


The Penang map shows you can easily access Penang by air as well as by land over the famous Penang Bridge: famous for its traffic jams that is.


penang bridge


Penang is a very busy island with lots of Chinese influences: if you want to live on a buzzing island with lots of Chinese food and culture, then Penang should be where you buy your MM2H property to experience an eternal Penang vacation.

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Jan 04 2009

Sarawak Borneo

sarawak borneo

Sarawak Borneo goes on a roadshow to Singapore promoting this Malaysian tourism paradise as an ideal destination for the Malaysia my 2nd Home programme.


Sarawak Borneo has been building houses of about RM300.000 targeted for foreign ownership under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme.


We all know that Singaporeans lack space, so Sarawak will encourage Singaporeans to own houses in close by Borneo.


Sarawak Map


sarawak map


The above Sarawak map shows that the top sites from Sarawak’s tourism. Attracting Singaporeans under the MM2H will further boost Sarawak’s tourism and stimulate its economic growth.


map of sarawak


Use the above map of Sarawak whether your property will be located close by the proposed U.N. Biosphere Reserve.


Now that cheap airlines like Tiger Air serve the route between Singapore and Kuching, Sarawak becomes more accessible and more attractive to visitors and property investors.


To my surprise, Sarawaks’s Housing Development Corporation will also implement several affordable housing projects having more than 4,000 homes costing below RM200,000 each.


Surprisingly, as most westerners are looking for affordable yet more high end properties since we are use to the "key on the door" housing concept. In Malaysia: the first thing Malaysians do after buying property is hacking down all the walls and expand as far as they can in the garden…


If you are looking to retire in peace and quietness, then consider the Malaysian my 2nd Home programme and get a Malaysian property in Sarawak Borneo.

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